Super (Peanut Butter) Freakies – All Things Bad and Delicious

Peanut Butter Freakies 009

Listen, I get it. The internet makes everyone with a keyboard omniscient: we know all. I wrote a post about this super … creation on another blog, and the comments received included:

“I don’t see how you could eat this with any grace or dignity.”

“Nothing in this is good for you!”

Really? The title of the recipe is Peanut Butter Freakies. You knew this wasn’t Paleo when you saw the photo.

That only further fueled my interest in slightly bizarre foods. As a writer for the Arkansas State Fair, I’ve seen my share of, um, interesting creations, and this recipe for peanut butter-covered corn chips is perfect for that festival. However, I learned of this bizarre deliciousness at a Super Bowl party.

“What’s that?” I said, pointing from afar.

“That? Oh. Corn chips covered in peanut butter.”

Uh, what?

I tried some, and it was fabulous. A perfect blend of salty, sweet, nutty and chocolate. Top that with easy to make, and you have the best of almost all worlds. I call them freakies because, well, they are. Peanut butter is a miracle ingredient, and almost everyone likes it. Serve it at a party, and you don’t have to worry about conversation starters.

You could try this with wavy potato chips or pretzels Chex cereal, too, and I bet they would be just as delicious. I hope you try the freakies and let me know what you think.

Here’s what you do:

Peanut Butter Freakies 001Dump a bag of corn chips on a cookie sheet (you don’t have to add the aluminum foil. I did because my pan wasn’t all that attractive.)

Peanut Butter Freakies 002

Put a cup of sugar in a pot on the stove.

Peanut Butter Freakies 003

Add a cup of high-fructose corn syrup. Why? Because a cup of sugar isn’t quite enough sugar, and corn syrup is in EVERYTHING.

Peanut Butter Freakies 005

Turn on the heat to medium, stir the sugar and syrup, and heat until the mixture bubbles like above.

Peanut Butter Freakies 006

Add a cup of peanut butter to the mixture. Smooth or crunchy – makes no difference. Stir this until the sugar, syrup and peanut butter are combined.

Peanut Butter Freakies 007

Pour mixture over the corn chips and let set until cool enough to touch. Hot sugar syrup will burn your skin like nothing else so let this cool down before diving in.

And that’s it … HOWEVER.

I like to compliment peanut butter with chocolate so I scattered a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips across the top. The warm syrup melts the chips just so, and you get the antioxidants from the chocolate. SCORE. You also could add M&Ms or marshmallows or any number of things – whatever you have on hand that goes with peanut butter.

Here’s the recipe:

1 bag (16 oz or bigger) of corn chips, regular flavor

1 cup of granulated sugar

1 cup of corn syrup

1 cup of peanut butter, smooth or crunchy (I used smooth)

Empty a bag of corn chips on a cookie sheet and distribute into one layer. Place a cup of sugar and a cup of corn syrup in a pot. Place over medium heat and stir until bubbles form along the edge of the syrup. Add a cup of peanut butter and stir until smooth.

Pour peanut butter mixture over corn chips. Let cool until you can handle with fingers without burning skin.

Optional: scatter chocolate chips, marshmallows, M&Ms or other toppings across chips after peanut butter mixture has been applied.


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